Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Native Americans: The Great Basin

I pulled out my Native American Unit notebook and as I began reorganizing it from last year, and the year before..... I began to notice that I have tons of resources for all the regions except The Great Basin area.  I have no known read a-louds, I have no fun activities, and I have one chart that I give them and we go over the parts of the chart-- reading somethings together- others I read. We color in our map (I use page 13 from these plans) and then we review what we have already done.

The Great Basin has been getting the shaft.  I need to do better and come up with some resources to use this year.
I am going to fervently search for resources and try to add to this page.  What I have already  found is this:


I have ordered this book from Amazon and I hope it will be a great addition to the unit.
If you can't get  the book, here is the story on youtube.
In addition, I also found this book--  Coyote Steals Fire

I will be ordering this book before school starts too. 
( have to space out the purchases.... you know... so the husband doesn't see large purchases for school at one time. -- I KNOW you KNOW what I mean!)

Close read:
The Great Basin
The Shoshone     A membership to is free-- which is where I found this resource.

True and false (Independent or group)