Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tell me the Continents!

Each school year brings new faces, new crayons, new teachers and new ways to learn.  When I begin the year I want to make sure each child feels successful in their first activities and have fun doing it.  I always begin with a mini unit on Continents. 
Some fantastic resources I use can be found for free!

I love this as a pre-assessment and later as a post assessment!

This video is spectacular to use and gives a few facts about the earth's oceans as well.

The continent PowerPoint can be used for a whole class review or for small groups.

My students beg to play this interactive game over and over again. (I have been known to pull it up on rainy day recess days too...)
Other interactive continent games:

Find the Continent!

There are tons of YouTube videos of singing the continents.  I have my own tune that I like to use, but this one is great too!