Monday, June 16, 2014

It's summer time-- let the blogging continue.....

I am so slack.  I just can't find the time to blog during the school year.  I don't now how these other bloggers do it!  What gives?  House work? Laundry?
Home cooked meals? Sleep?  I don't have time to blog, and of ALL of these I fall short during the school year. I am guessing I have some issues with time management! Summer time seems to be when I get caught up on it all.  Laundry, cleaning house, blogging..... and yep, planning for the next school year.  I am such a nerd. I use my summer to do school work.

One thing that I discovered I really needed to improve was grammar and parts of speech.  After much searching I have found some good resources for interactive  notebooking, minilessons and assessments. (Yes, I said the "A" word-- because grades are a reality at my school and evidence to show parents of student progress is a must.)

I found the best Parts of speech Poem!  My plan is to use it as a reader's theater. But isn't this a great way to throw a little poetry into the lesson too?

Rainbow Notes Free songs to go with parts of speech:
Noun song-  it is cheesy, but catchy.  The kids will be singing it before the end of the video is finished!
School house Rock Adjectives  - this is an oldy but a goody.  Who doesn't love some school house rock???
Verb Rap   the kids love this one!
Rock and Roll Adverbs Catchy, but they will need to hear this one more than once to "get it." Adverbs are tough for kids!
Pronoun- RAP created from a familiar rap song
Prepositional  Dance this will get them up and moving!

Parts of speech- I reduce the size of the posters  so students can glue it into their notebook
Assignment can be used as a group activity or individual
Part of speech sort   a Word sort that only uses nouns, verbs and adjectives
Part of speech challenge!  fantastic group activity or even an enrichment activity.
Quizzes!     Three assessments

As I was creating a booklist of books for my parts of speech unit-- I came across a fantastic group of books.  If you have some funds-- these could be a great asset to your classroom library!

Technology and interactive activities
Grammar Ninja  this can be quite addictive to your students.  I also use this on rainy day recess days. (I hate heads up 7 up)
Smart board Parts of speech nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs
Grammar games and more!   Wow. This is a jackpot of games and homework helpers. 

As I find more, I will add to the list! Now. Off to do more laundry. UUHG.