Sunday, July 5, 2015

Native Americans: The Great Plains

I love this region.  These are the traditional Indians and homes that students think about when you say Native Americans.  There is a ton of resources out there for this group-- and if you aren't careful, you could spend way too much time here.


The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush is a legend that takes place in the southern plains. If you don't have a copy of the book, it is read aloud on youtube.

Another book in the same region The Legend of the Blue Bonnet

These two books are great for comparing and contrasting. 

I often use Venn Diagrams or Double Bubble maps for comparing and contrasting, but I found this free resource on  Once again, the membership is free.
So many of our standards have students comparing and contrasting characters, literature, primary/secondary sources that I want to give them as much experience with this as I can.

Guided reading group:

I use A Boy called Slow as a small group guided reading lesson--

I found this whole group of skills that you could pick and choose from based on the need of your kids that is based on the book. 

I also use another book called    Powow   for a guided reading small group. This is great to show the kids that the text structure is sequence of events.

Once again I purchased the Ebook Unit on the Plains Indians.

This is a must have for close reads about the culture and lives of the Plains Indians. We also use the material for creating a tree map about this group of natives. 

The Importance of the Buffalo

Shared reading: 
Poem: Buffalo Dusk   also on youtube

All about Tipis
All about Buffalo
Buffalo activity 
Study cards, questions and more  ( Free account)
Hero stories with writing activities