Monday, June 29, 2015

Native Americans Southwest Desert Indians

I absolutely love this unit and it has so much in the way of literature!

I am usually still working on summarizing and central idea (or main idea) so  we continue to read the legends and  folktale.There are a ton of legends and myths for the Pueblo people and in our state standards the students have to be able to compare and contrast themes, topics and stories.


Coyote: a Trickster Tale from the American Southwest
The kids love this book-- and I take the time to create a Venn Diagrm to compare and contrast  this book and the Raven: A trickster tale from the Pacific  Northwest

I also read the book Arrow in the Sun


 I read parts of the nonfiction Book The Pueblo and their History  so that I can continue practicing with them how to summarize nonfiction information.

Close Reading Cooperative groups: Jigsawing!

A Thematic Unit for Southwest Native Americans 
This book is a must have. (You could easily find the information in other resources, but I downloaded the Ebook into my dropbox so I have it at school and at home. )
Each student is given a blank chart, Each group is given a fact sheet , they will highlight and write the most important information down on a chart. I will divide the groups  so that each group has at least one person who will teach the information to the rest of the new group.  All students will teach their information, and in turn take notes in their chart based on what the other group members wrote down from their group.

Shared Reading:
close read SW coast
Three Sisters

Word Study:
*pueblo  Pictures
* Three Sisters
*kachina doll
*mesas Pictures

Hopi Dance- nice background of Pueblos
Pottery making (Mr. Rogers is in this one!)
Assessments: (cause we have to have grades in the grade book)
True or False activity
Three sisters