Friday, June 26, 2015

Native Americans: Northwest Coast

I want to share some of my favorite resources for my Native American Unit.  For South Carolina Standards we have to teach: Northwest Coast, Southwest Coast, Great basin, Great Plains, Eastern Woodlands
I usually spend about 3-4 weeks on the Native American Unit. I use Daily 3 plus an ipad workstation and a Social studies workstation.  Daily there are two rotations, and independent reading is a required rotation daily.  I try REALLY hard to totally integrate my ELA and social studies. At the beginning of the year, I begin with summarizing as my focus skill for the week. -- beginning with fiction and then nonfiction. . The resources I use for my Reading Workshop/Daily 3 for the Northwest coast are these:

Shared reading:

I will use this as a small group reading-- I will discuss what a biography is- the prefix bio and the affix graph-- 

There are various articles that I use in this book for whole class, and for their notebooks.  Being that Summarizing is the focus skill, we will read and summarize.  Will will organize the information onto a tree map.

Read a-louds 
If you lived with the Northwest Coast Indians

Group activity to go with the book

Read a-louds: 
Raven: A Trickster Tale from the Northwest


Totem Tale: A Tall Story from Alaska

For every book we read, we will summarize.  I use the somebody wanted but so for our fictional books and I have students summarize the central idea with 3-4 details that support for nonfiction. 

Word Study:
Potlatches, suffixes

The Wind Picks Up

Assessments: (Only because we have to have grades in the grade book.)
Northwest Coast true/False
close read/reading comprehension
Totem Pole Project 
Rubric for project
totem pole facts- this is a great resource for their totem poles, or it would be amazing to use for a group teambuilding activity where students made a totem pole for their group.
coloring pages of totems (I use for clip art on my calendar and newsletter)

Writing assignment
I found this writing Writing task assignment for  third grade, but it is very complex, and it would still be challenging for my fourth graders.  I plan to use it this year; however, it will take a lot of guidance.

Just music with various totem poles