Saturday, June 15, 2013

So Slack!

Well here it is summer again and I look back at when I blogged last time and realize-- I am so slack! How do these amazing teachers keep up with school, planning, families and a blog during the school year?.  Maybe I just don't know how to organize my time.  Well, all I know, it is summer time and once again -- I blog. I use this time to rejuvenate, think, reflect and plan for the next year.  I love summer time!!!

So  this year I am changing from self contained to ELA and Social Studies.  This is fine as I am always trying to perfect my ELA strategies.  I implemented the Daily Five last year and loved it.  It was more of a Daily 3-- with an emphasis on Independent reading, Word study and Writing.  Also I read the book, The Book Whisperer .  There is a book study on this book on another blog at this time,  and it was fantastic.  I will be reading it again so that when school starts, I am implementing those Ideas.  I am getting ready to read Teach like a Pirate. I am excited about this book -- I usually start off the year really well, and then by February, I get grouchy. Perhaps this book will give me some strategies that I can use to keep up the energy through the end of May. :)

My big project this summer is to come up with a plan to teach the common core and fit it into my social studies units so that students will see connections.  I would also like to incorporate DBQ's this year (Document based Questions) becasue that seems to be an awesome way to incorporate Common core, Social studies and writing.  I am exciterd for what the new year will bring!